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Hey Jacque well done.

I have had the good fortune to manage a number of these folks in several different industries and inevitably the solution is different dependent upon the industry and company. In several industries (mining, Oil, Global consumer goods) the expatriate career path tends toward nomadic and so the Global Employment Company is a useful tool for managing the administration (benefits, pension, tax, employment law, soc security etc) but it doesn't solve the question you pose. What pay? https://thehumanwell.com/an-introduction-to-global-employment-strategies/

Two approaches I have seen:
1. Individual package designed around where the expatriate plans to retire i.e. what would be reasonable to accumulate savings based on the cost of living in that location (rough and ready, personalised) validated with a collection of external proxy multi-country benchmarks.
2. A company with a global pay policy that ensured executives irrespective of location enjoyed the same after tax, shelter and G&S, relative disposable income. In that environment it didn't prove too difficult to build up a compensation approach.

Inevitably one will need a globally competitive offering and so overtime these tend to gravitate to being benchmarked to the highest paying countries.

Thnx for the thoughtful start to the day!

Thank you Paul for sharing your ideas!

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