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Wonder when an "association" is not a union, when it performs like one. The new developing compromise seems to promise that star student-athletes could accept income from advertisers. Personally marketing their names and licensing their faces makes them independent contractors rather than employees getting paid by their schools.

It would reduce scholarship pressures and offer income opportunities to surprising stars who lack scholarships, too.

Could such a non-wage contracting opportunity be extended to pure students with great grades? They might be free to retain all their student status while still capitalistically profiting from renting access to their personal identities. I see nothing wrong with that, myself.

How is it different from being permitted to earn wages on after-school jobs? I was the night watchman at a funeral home located right behind my university, one year. (Don't ask.)

Any new permissive NCAA rules would also enrich academic curriculum. New subjects could include "Basic Negotiating" and "Advanced Agent Selection," with audit privileges extended to parents. They better!

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