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Retention or Turnover Control were always factors on my list, as well as Employee Confidence in Management Process Integrity or Internal Equity, to use longer terms for "Credibility". If the best strategies aren't believed, related tactics tend to fail.

Government Compliance, Cost Control/Effectiveness, Administrative Ease and Concern for Employees were my final factors.

I used to survey senior executive perceptions of what they thought each organizational policy objective was, its priority level, and what they personally saw as the current reality in each area.

The confidential answers were generally surprisingly consistent. I thus found that the group-sharing of high-level confidential executive interviews Compensation Audit findings always brought universal relief. Every top exec though THEY were the only ones confused about specific off-center policy practices. No one wanted to admit ignorance, so the outsider could safely tell them they all felt the same way.

Sometimes it takes a mercenary to give credence....

Thanks, Jim, for your perspective and for highlighting these additional important topical areas.

True that last line, for sure. I note something similar to my clients, who are frustrated by the fact that they have been asking the same questions and highlighting the same issues for years - but all are suddenly given credence and attention when they come from the mouth of a paid consultant.

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