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Methinks you overgeneralize here, Ann, offering barely plausible excuses for why reward pros don't preen, rant, babble and mutter as is the norm on "social media" sites.

Most of us (forgive the conceit, please) are normal people, perhaps even a bit more well-adjusted then others. We DO however tend to be detail-conscious, fact-driven, open to constantly changing circumstances, and thus sensitive to the continual need to adapt "solutions" for various values of "optimal" per the relevant operating environment. That makes us usually far more motivated to BE right than to persuade others of the veracity of our conclusions.

Precise thinkers tend to be rather poor conversationalists. Media influencers thrive in arenas where being amusing, interesting and outrageous is more important than being objectively correct. That's boring.

Of course, just now I tried to avoid how much a highly social but frequently (when appropriate) recklessly silly and contumacious TR person like me still fits the boring pattern. For example, I carefully refused to quibble over exactly what "social media" means and what it is or isn't. I always thought this here CompensationCafe was some kind of social media, but who is to say?

Knowing and keeping lots of secrets does not necessarily make one secretive in open social venues.

And how can Total Rewards be considered "not a social job"? Dealing with management and general employee populations really does require at least minimal social skills like tact and diplomacy, not to mention the basic communications skills for clear written statements and verbal statements. People get very unsocial when someone messes with their employment income or disrupts their personal Total Reward Proposition (why they work here).

Naw... I suspect "we" just see so much dang ignorance about human behavioral economics and performance reinforcement techniques that we save our energy for persuading the C-suite or other Top Execs who sit at the Big Table. That leaves no time to chit-chat with random outsiders who merely inherit the final product we attempt to improve.

I truly enjoyed your blog, Ann. With a background in psychology and experience in recruitment and HR, I am currently working as Compensation professional. I completely agree with your analysis. Indeed personality and professions we choose are closely related.

For the individual who commented earlier, I would recommend reading the book, Quiet by Susan Cain.

I don't think your blog overgeneralizes on the personality aspect that you may find as a common factor amongst other TR professionals. Not being out there on social media platform is not an indicator of being normal or abnormal, it's simply a personality trait. I think TR professionals would tend to connect more in person, for deep and actual conversations that intrigues their interest, versus just be "out there".

At the end of the day, I think would be interesting to study personality and professions.

Thank you for the insightful article.

Hi Jim,

Great observations and comments - thanks for sharing them here.


I appreciate your thoughts and perspective. As a proud introvert, I am a big fan of Susan Cain's Quiet and have written about it here at least once (will have to dig that out and make it a Classic too, perhaps!).

Yes - wouldn't it be interesting to study personality and professions? While I think there are exceptions to every rule (I know several rewards pros who are very extroverted), I think the patterns would be illuminating.

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