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"Everyone wants to be paid exactly what they are worth, as long as it's more than they are getting." (Brennan's First Law of Compensation)

Very few folks believe they are overpaid. People always overestimate their value.

Also, money only pays your bills but it does not warm the heart or enrich the soul. "Not all rewards jingle." (Brennan's Law on Motivation #11)

So what you are saying Jim, I believe, is that satisfaction depends on how the ice cream is served?
Soft or hard ice cream? Cone or dish? Sprinkles (or shots)? Hot fudge sauce or caramel? whipped cream with a cherry on top...or just plain.

There should be something for everyone's tastes.

1. Folks never get enough goodies.
2. What someone consider delicious is a matter of personal taste.
3. Everyone is unique, just like everyone else.

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