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Nice one Jim. I wondered myself whether current circumstances had annointed the next logical successor to Bitcoin or at the least temporarily supplanted the phrase that Cash is King.

Like you, I've read (and had already surmised) that this "accumulation of wealth" syndrome we've observed was not an effort to satisfy any actual need, but to restore a small sense of control . . . when admittedly many things notably appear to be out-of-control.

I'm happy to acknowledge that we've not made any attempt to corner the local market. Not sure if that springs from confidence and optimism in the future or fear of being publicly "stoned" as a hoarder - or it could just be founded in the reassurance that that I've collected a suitable archive of Sears catalogs . . . which have been historically known for their "dual use" functionality.

Unfortunately, Chris, that dates us, especially if you remember carrying one out to an outhouse.

Thanks for the smiles this morning Jim and Chris!
Check out toilet paper art to see more uses for the coveted product and reward!

The silver lining to this pandemic in our world appears to be the success of working remotely. It remains to be seen how the company evolves after our home confinement ends. For now it appears, this may be the new reward for our inside sales teams.

Astute prophetic observation, Karen, confirmed by my personal experience!

Social distancing will surely accelerate and probably aggravate the modern trend towards remote interpersonal contact dynamics. New generations already so enamored with their cellphones that they already prefer to communicate electronically with folks sitting beside them will find their abilities to interact effectively with humans within arm's length further crippled. Hard to learn how to learn body language and judge kinesthetic psychological cues if you rarely have actual physical interactions with other people.

Hopefully a balance can be struck between the electronic communication and the in-person world. Video conferencing has enough challenges that I don't see that becoming 100% of the communications. In our world there will still need to be in person relationship building.

My fear is ending up like the humans in the animated movie "Wall-e". At least working from home at this time of year, personally, I am out walking more and able to spend more time with my husband, who is also working from home. Perhaps this is the flip side to working remotely = more time with the people who really matter. And less stress getting everyone out the door on time.

Excellent and quite correct point, Karen. The outliers always flourish during any crisis.

More people huddle in fear of any human contact at all but simultaneously more people find greater value in the contacts they cherish.

We have no shortage of Toilet Paper only a shortage of Love.

Not from your former neighbor, David!

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