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Derek's excellent concise synopsis of those basic human behavioral realities certainly stands the test of time!

The day of "direct supervision" where the boss prowls the production area to lean over hourly workers who have no discretionary freedom of action is pretty much long gone. Bosses in most modern organizations now rarely have the opportunity to instantly observe, monitor, correct and reinforce the proper actions of subordinates. Skilled knowledge workers abound today, often (especially now) working remotely under circumstances where they are evaluated for outcome results rather than specific detailed steps. No one knows better how their achievement rates than their co-workers.

Also, both permitting and encouraging the delegation and dissemination of the power to dispense instant positive (and occasionally negative) consequences to the teammates further bonds their group. Peer pressure can intensify unified team focus and continual dedication to the tactics required for enterprise strategic success. Give everyone authority to instantly praise, reward, correct and counsel... and your overall organization effectiveness skyrockets. Rewards given in the moment are FAR more reinforcing than awards granted long after the events that earned them occurred.

A glass of water whenever you are parched (or need to be awakened) produces better results than than a barrel of water belatedly dispensed a few days later.

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