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Bold challenge, Dan, but I fear we are not up to it for various reasons (which some may properly call excuses).

1. Comp/TotalReward people are deeply mired in the morass of followership, where they race to the rear where all the rest huddle rather than step up to the forefront with fresh bold new ideas.

2. We generally lack real authority to innovate but are restricted to proposing options which are essentially CYA mechanisms which can be blamed if they fail to achieve the goals already set by top management.

3. Most compensation people lack insight into the priorities of senior leadership, don't speak their financial management language and have insufficient labor relations or board presentation skills to effectively persuade their bosses.

4. Drawing the analogy of a cafeteria, most of our peers are not nutritionists who design the menu but are instead buyers who fulfil the orders of Higher and mere supervisors who coordinate the minions who dish out the pre-allocated distributions of goodies.

It is my great hope that you all prove me wrong!

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