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Basic wisdom never fails to be relevant.

Funny you brought all this up now, Chuck, because I just had a talk with the very kind of novice manager you describe, covering the exact same points. Luckily, he was young and eager to learn tricks from The Old Dog, so he grabbed hold of my comments about how the hand-picked members of his elite team each have their own frequently unique total reward propositions.

Didn't use our "insider terms", of course. Explained that knowing what THEY want is the secret sauce of HR management that enables Total Reward agility. I even used your example (with my special twist) about needing to be able to understand how to walk in their shoes without necessarily having the same fit or heading in the same direction yourself... if you know what I mean.

The entire "who do we serve" issue is also vital but a whole 'nother problem for our profession which we wrestle with every day. Too big to tackle here and now, though. Come back to it later... again and again! Maybe someday we'll get it right.

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