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Margaret, Many thanks for this post, as well as your earlier Total Rewards post.

I think you're absolutely correct that we can learn from our marketing colleagues by connecting to the needs of the "buyer." I'm sure Chris Dobyns (et al) will also see ties to "Nudge Theory" in that approach.

However, I can't quite picture the application. Can you share more examples of specific key messages and proof points? (Ann has my contact info.)

Hi Joseph. Thanks for checking in. My next post will have a full blown case study, which should help. In the meantime, here's another example.

A company is changing its total compensation practices, including performance management.

Current business practices -- its practice of annual reviews have been spotty in the past, and that's been okay with management.

New business priority -- a more formalized total compensation program anchored on upgraded performance management practices.

Messages for managers that helps them see the transition between current practices and new, emphasizing the importance of their role in it:

-The performance discussions we're recommending for this year are part of your regular management practices. (Note: a "nudge" to reinforce their role and its importance to the business.)

-Your challenge is to be clear and consistent when you talk with employees about the upcoming merit increases and bonuses. (Note: A "call to action" for managers that clarifies the transition they need to make.)

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