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Excellent analogy to explain human heuristic learning patterns while likewise advocating the related "ready, aim, fire, score, adjust and repeat" process. Nice job, Chris!

Exactly (thanks). As Paul Harvey would say, "[and now for] the rest of the story" is even funnier. My first exposure to A Dog's Breakfast (the phrase, not the actual event) had me sitting at a table right next to a (former) Deputy Director . . . and he used that phrase (to describe something that had gone "awry"). Back then I was too shy to demonstrate my more-than-sufficient ignorance - and request a "translation". I looked up the definition as soon as I got back to my desk, and I never forgot it.

Like you, I've owned my share of dogs - and I was already familiar with the unbridled "enthusiasm" with which they eat every meal. A lesson that stays with you for well . . . life.

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