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Can’t agree more Chuck. I used to say “I can’t “do” compensation unless I have an organization chart Not to use it to look at leveling but to understand how/with whom the job interacts with. I have to understand the big picture. Even then organization charts can fool you if the job is placed incorrectly given it’s true day to day responsibilities. So a check with the manager is the safest bet. How many times have you run across an employee whose real job is different than the chart shows. But an organization chart is the best place to start. Anyway, that’s my thought.

Harry Hoffman, right?

Dave Johnston: ok, now you have me curious. Yes, it was Harry Hoffman. And you know that because . . ?

Brought back memories, you did, Chuck.

VP HR brought me into his fascinating strange little conglomerate to meet the two brothers who headed the family biz. Small office, with the bros wearing tie-less work shirts and heavy boots and with me in my bespoke suit. They were polite but dismissive, declaring they didn't need no stinking... no... really, they actually said they had no need for HR or compensation advice because they had no turnover: no one ever left their employ.

As I was being escorted out, I paused, turned and asked casually, "Did it ever occur to you that no one WANTed to hire your people? Maybe they were being paid far beyond their value?" Long pause of shock before guffaws ensued. The CEO then led me to his door with a twinkle in his eye, asking, "Do you always have this much fun with your clients?" My answer, "I certainly TRY to," sealed a few decades of steady work as their trusted advisor on all matters related to people and rewards.

Personality is part of the total reward consideration.

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