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Interesting, to see "management" associated with rudeness, arrogance, condescension, and other non-professional behaviors. Guess the world of work has changed for the worse.

Personally, I generally consider "management" to be a function sometimes performed well but often merely indifferently or occasionally flat-out badly. Those who are called "members of management" are tasked with the duty to lead their organizations.

A role with such serious responsibilities should be performed with grace, wisdom, humility and (if leading people) humanity. Competence in the relevant technical skill set also helps, although that is more easily learned than the behavioral requirements. Managers should not be considered masters or rulers and subordinates should not be treated as slaves or minions.

The worst characteristics of the least professional managers should not be imputed to all management members. It would be equally improper to brand all employees with the flaws and faults of the worst workers.

Knowing Chuck as well as I do, he obviously had no such intention and I trust he will forgive my typical quibbling. I just flinch at any statement that could possibly be misconstrued in this place of serious trade-craft discussion. Mostly, because I've done it so often, myself!

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