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Thanks very much for those words of wisdom, Chuck. I also resemble those remarks, although I suspect my cynicism emerged sooner than yours, permitting some early nominal success.

Brennan's Law #6 on Consulting applies here: Ability to consult is mostly a matter of what you know. But don't overlook who you know, because long-term consulting success depends on who knows what you know. History is full of unknown geniuses who starved to death while their mediocre but better-publicized competitors prospered.

All should heed your solid advice to balance professional ambition with personal integrity. "Success" based on shameful decisions can only bring miserable advancement and personal depression.

Wise words from a seasoned pro! Insightful, Courageous, and Generous of you. Thank you, Chuck.

It takes insight to realize what works better in context. It takes courage to 'confess' to a mistake. It takes generosity to share it all with others who might benefit greatly from listening, learning, and leaning in better ways forward. Thanks again.

Always love reading your blog posts, Chuck. These are wise words and hearing your view on what still continues to be a career struggle is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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