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Reward, incentive, award, perks, bennies, ceiling, fair, equitable, average, outlier, (name a color) circle, compression, ratchet effect, double-snapshot, comp-ratio, min-max, control point, job value, range penetration, topped/maxed out, grandfathered, evaluation, trust, parachute.... etc.

I could go on for hours without even reaching the ones in my ancient "Personnel Jargon" piece in the July 1981 Personnel Journal.

Buzzwords, acronyms and terms used with unique "tradecraft" implications exist as shorthand but also serve for insider cachet, to obfuscate and as "expert traps" in virtually every profession.

Enjoyed this article. I've been amused by EU colleagues using "scheme". Little did I know they are equally forgiving of my use of "plan".

How about incentive vehicles? Not the kind with a steering wheel...

Indeed, we must sort this out.

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