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Reliance on raw authority, even if organizationally endorsed and formally delegated, seems the exception rather than the rule today, Chuck. While I frequently encountered abusive bosses (of all genders) in the distant past Century, the increasing media-driven social endorsement of rebellious non-conformist quasi-collegial anti-authoritarian behaviors as the ideal role model style appears to taken over.

Mad Max has replaced the The Organization man (and woman). Unprecedented public access to education of all types and levels plus the vastly enhanced job mobility and open career options of modern life have produced a workplace revolution. Faced with a power-mad supervisor, folks are relatively free to leave, complain for corrective intervention or ignore it for a super-fat paycheck.

I suspect that the stereotypical functional paranoid boss who is Simon Legree to subordinates but Uriah Heep to superiors tends to linger mainly at the bottom of the authority chain. They don't play nice with others and that is toxic for modern management effectiveness. Unless they have been parachuted into a senior role by authoritarian owners, or are founding CEOs themselves, they are a vanishing breed.

Good riddance. Or am I wrong, as often occurs?

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