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Nice summary, Chuck.

Self-appointed highly credentialed "experts" have proven they know how to pass academic tests but usually lack the most uncommon of human traits... common sense. That may come with the seasoning of real-world exposure to the bewildering and ever-changing variety of people-issues encountered in the Total Rewards field.

Watch for the advisor who listens, confirms and studies rather than snaps out The One Answer to every problem. Rather than arrogantly declare Absolute Truths, they are more likely to minimize reliance on the necessarily highly general academic maxims and to instead emphasize the range of potentially productive options they have found (and not just HEARD about) to be most applicable to the instant situation.

Real experts make no claim to infallibility nor do they rely on Received Wisdom. They are humble. They are also willing and able to explain the diagnostic process by which they reached the handful of prescriptions they recommend as the optimal options for specific outcomes.

While it is relatively easy to spot the snake-oil sellers who claim to know everything, the true experts are harder to find. They require time and broad exposure to grow and learn the difference between what is taught and what works.

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