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While completely endorsing the central theme of your post, Reena, "the woke culture" certainly did not initiate the pay equity crusade. Beginning in the 1960s (a quick review of the Congressional voting history re the various "equal pay" laws will shock many youngsters), some of us have been publishing and speaking about the practical steps required to implement superior mechanisms to level the historically tilted playing field of Total Rewards.

Yes, employers must heed the wisdom of the experienced TR professionals and become much more transparent while simultaneously demanding that employees similarly face facts and accept that "wants" are not necessarily "rights to which you are entitled". Those who casually launch emotionally evocative sound-bites are rarely fully informed or even marginally competent to offer productive noncontroversial solutions to legitimate organizational needs.

Injustice, equity and fairness are totally subjective terms until placed into a rational context acceptable to all sides. Ideologues (on either side) spouting slogans just polarize and antagonize. Not that we here would ever perform such heinous acts, of course. Our best contributions should be clear observations and dispassionate research. Let's have more unbiased studies that continue to establish solid factual foundations of practical knowledge that will make the needs obvious without raising the hackles of those who prefer to spit venom rather than share information to enable the most effective improvement.

Perhaps then we can overcome partisan emotional reactions and attain mutual objective acceptance.

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