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One of these days, psychometics will become an essential element in Human Resource management and a guiding force in Total Rewards design protocols.

How to measure, track, prioritize, weight and "score" those seven design features listed above on both an individual and an organizational basis will become a popular research topic. Unfortunately, many a thesis or dissertation will probably start off by assigning arbitrary values to many of the variables, thus falling prey to "a priori" thinking, which will severely minimize the value of any thus-tainted findings. I can think of many cases in which the "competing priorities and tensions" would vary between enterprises and working environments. One size never fits all... which is the bane of the theoretical academician. That has relatively no effect on the profitability of consultant applications, however.

I'll leave the thought with one final question: was the selection of the number of oval stones shown in the clever visual image determined by the number of enumerated "priorities and tensions" or was that list of factors selected to match the count of the visual aid items? Chicken & egg stuff, again! SSDD.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the comments. We would certainly benefit by upping our game in this arena - no question!

Re: the final question - I think you know me well enough that you should have assumed it was simply a happy accident. No chicken no egg. :)


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